The Afrigo Band derived its name from the inspiration of the liberation struggle on the African Continent at the time – Africa Go Black Power. Because the name was too long for a musical group, we decided to shorten it to Afri-Go (Black Power). Later, we discarded the “Black Power” tag due to its possible racial connotations.

We set the vision of the band as “To transform the music industry into a respectable profession and to establish a firm foundation for Uganda’s music”. Our mission being: “To cultivate respect for musicians to create jobs for self and peripheral industry practitioners”.

1975 Formation of the band and the maiden performance was at Bat Valley Night Club in the heart of the capital city of Uganda, Kampala. 1976 Leading live band in Uganda and offered a contract to play at Uganda’s leading resort (at that time). CAPE TOWN VILLA. During the same year, we cut our first ever single and L. P discs in Nairobi, Kenya with Phonogram (K) Ltd. 1989 Recorded our second LP BATUUSE II (Vol. 8). It became an instant success. It was mixed in Sweden and pressed in Nairobi.

This was a real breakthrough in terms of quality recording. In the same year, we featured in a movie called MISSISSIPPI MASALA. It was short partially in Uganda and partially in the USA. 1990 We featured in a Danish documentary film called CONTACT MAGAZINE. The documentary was shown on various Television stations in Africa and parts of Europe.

1991 The LP BATUUSE II, was played on BBC Africa service and on FM Capital Radio in London. The Band also made a European tour and while in Denmark, recorded an album titled VOLUME 9. 1995 We cut the first CD (the first by a Ugandan band) in a London studio called SPARKSIDE STUDIOS. It is titled VOLUME 12.

We were honoured by the kind and active participation of Mega-Artists like Eaton Blake, Paul Blake and Henry Fonder in recording Vol. 12. Locally we sold over 500,000 cassettes from the CD with JIM, one of the tracks, topping the local charts for over three months! In the same year, we celebrated our SILVER JUBILEE and gave away a brandy new car to commemorate the occasion.

1996 We toured U.K and recorded another CD titled VOLUME 13 and two tracks, MPEDDEMBE and OLUMBE LW’OBWAVU each topped the local charts at different times. Later in the year, we released another CD, VOLUME 14 and JULIE topped the local charts for quite a spell of time. 1997 We released Volume 16. 1998 We recorded Volume 17, titled Vincent. This CD was recorded and published in London in October 1998.

The title song Vincent and Obangaina are the most popular tracks on this CD. 2000 We toured the United States and United Kingdom an while in London, recorded Volume 18. Maria is the most popular song on the CD and was on top of our local charts for a long time. 2004 We released Volume 19 titled “Genda Osome” 2007 Lifetime Award by Pearl of Africa Music Awards 2010 Working on Volume 20. To date, we have recorded 19 volumes of music on audiotapes and compact discs.